About us

About us

Tec-SolutionZ A / S is an innovative and results-oriented company supplying equipment and solutions for pest control. With years of experience in servicing and providing pest control solutions for municipalities, utilities, housing associations and private companies, we will be able to advise and deliver the right solution for you.

Tec-solutionz A / S has in recent years developed and supplied solutions for all Nordic pest control operators.

We currently supply green and innovative solutions to fight pests on the surface and in drains. Our experience team has strong skills in;

· Consultation
· Identifying the right solutions to solve your problems
· Servicing
· Rat control strategies

Our experienced staff can guide you in developing a tailored strategy for your pest and sewage control needs. Throughout our sales and consultation process, we will ensure delivery of the right solution at the right price.

Contact us for further details by phone +45 3121 2989 or email info@tec-solutionz.com

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