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Goodnature GN A-24

The Goodnature GN A-24 trap, is a mechanical, environmentally friendly and safe choice for pest control, which works automatically and requires minimal care. Built into a steel box, the trap is extremely robust in all weather and can also used without the steel box when installed after proper instruction.

  • The safe choice for effective poison-free control.
  • The Goodnature trap requires minimal maintenance.
  • The trap saves man hours and provides a permanent prevention solution.

Effective, poison-free pest control
The Goodnature GN A-24 trap has successfully stopped rat and mice problems with excellent results. The Goodnature GN A-24 is an innovative surface trap from Tec-SolutionZ, which is created for the control of rats and mice without the use of poison.

  • Mechanical air-driven surface trap
  • Proven results
  • Effective poison-free control
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Durable solution with low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly and humane pest control
  • Equipped with serial numbers
  • Safe fastening

Goodnature GN A-24 illustrations 

Targeted long-life lure attracts rats and mice into the trap. Rats and mice move the trigger to get to the lure, firing the trap. The trap clears and resets immediately after an A-Class humane kill. Different species scavenge the dead carcasses from below the trap.


Goodnature GN A-24 Public
The Goodnature GN A-24 Public Safebox is intended for use in places where the trap is visible, e.g. at the main entrance of a building. The Safebox is designed in a manner, so dead rats/mice are stored away from the public.




  • Goodnature GN A-24 Public is easily mounted on the wall with 2 screws
  • Designed for safe installation as it can be locked – So children and pets cannot access the trap
  • The design of the Public trap utilizes the rats natural behavior
  • Access to the trap from both sides of the Safebox
  • There is plenty of room in the Safebox Public, so several dead rats of mice can be stored, and they will still be hidden from the public
  • Catch Alive communication can easily be attached on to the Goodnature GN A-24 Public trap


Goodnature GN A-24 Solo

Goodnature GN A-24 Solo is intended to be used in either locked cabinets or locked rooms.










The advantages of the Goodnature GN A-24

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Goodnature GN A-24 has the following approvals:

Goodnature GN A-24 Safebox is CE approved

 APHA test approved

 Naturvårdsverket approved

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