The Goodnature trap is a mechanical, environmentally friendly and safe choice for pest control which works automatically and requires minimal care. Built into a steel box, the trap is extremely robust in any weather and can also used without the steel box when installed after proper instruction.

  • The safe choice for effective poison-free control.
  • The Goodnature trap requires minimal maintenance.
  • The trap saves man hours and provides a permanent prevention solution.

Effective poison-free rodent control
The Goodnature trap has successfully stopped rat problems with excellent results. The Good Nature is an innovative surface trap from Tec-SolutionZ for the control of rats and mice without the use of poison.

  • Mechanical air-driven surface trap
  • Proven results
  • EEffective poison-free control
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Durable solution with low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly and humane pest control
  • Equipped with serial numbers
  • Effectively secured


Goodnature illustrations 

Targeted long-life lure attracts rats into the trap. Rats move the trigger to get to the lure, firing the trap. The trap clears and resets immediately after an A-Class humane kill. Different species scavenge the dead carcasses from below the trap.




Goodnature advantages

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