RatTrap Flex

– non-poisonous, mechanical trap for rodent control in a sewage well

The RatTrap Flex trap works fully automatically as a killing machine, just like RatTrap. RatTrap Flex wirelessly communicates relevant messages back to an app and web platform.

RatTrap Flex is an innovative alternative to having a trap in the sewer pipe. This trap confronts the rat where it sits and eats, and where it stores the supplies it has collected, regardless of pipe sizes and the condition of the well.

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  • Mechanical trap
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless communications
  • Cheap running cost
  • Environmentally friendly control without poison
  • No wiring in the well
  • Long battery life – expected 5 years


Illustrations of RatTrap Flex 

The rat encounters the trap as it feeds from its food store. When the rat smells the bait, it looks for the entrance to the trap. The rat moves towards the source of light in the trap, thereby activating a CO2-driven piston that destroys the rat. When the piston retracts, the rat slips backwards out of the trap and down on its food.










  • Long battery life – Expected 5 years
  • Wireless communications
  • Registration of flooding in the well
  • Statistical reporting of trap activity
  • On-line 24/7
  • Display of trap on map


  • Long battery life – Expected 5 years
  • Wireless communications
  • Reporting at the well
    • Kills
    • Status for CO2 canister replacement


RatTrap Flex has the following approvals:

CE approved

ATEX approved

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