The environment is in focus when pests are to be combatted. It’s about taking responsibility. It’s about the safe handling of controlling in relation to the environment. Legislation sets the agenda on handling.

– non-toxic mechanical trap for controlling rats in the sewer system

The RatTrap trap works fully automatically as killing machine and rat blocker at the same time. The RatTrap has been designed as a humane killing and 100% non-toxic solution. RatTrap directly communicates all activities, including flooding results and more.

RatTrap is an innovative and safe choice for humane pest control.

RatTrap is a non-toxic mechanical trap for controlling rats in sewer systems. The trap is mounted in the well’s drain and guards against the penetration of rats in the well. The trap is adjusted to the size of the drain with a replaceable faceplate. The trap is simple and easy to service.

The trap has the following characteristics:

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  • Long battery life – expected 5 years
  • No wiring in the well
  • Wireless communications
  • IP68 enclosure, which means no moisture problems
  • Mechanical trap with rat blocker
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap running costs
  • Sizes from Ø150 to Ø500

Illustrations of RatTrap

The rat’s access to the
sewer well is blocked by
an effective rat blocker.
When the rat encounters
the trap’s rat blocker, it
wanders into the trap
The rat moves toward the reflected light in the trap and activates a CO2-driven piston. As the piston retracts the
rat slides backwards out
of the trap, and into the
bottom of the sewer pipe.



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