Along with our extensive dealer network, Tec-SolutionZ handles the servicing of Goodnature traps and Thiim barriers. Please contact us for details.

Goodnature servicing

Servicing checklist:ajour-rapport-goodnature

Co2 tank, minimum 24 shots – durability 6 months.
The counter is reset after changing the Co2 cartridge – 5 year battery life.
ALP (lure) – durability 6-8 months.
Cleaning the trap.
Customer Report


What end users can do themselves:
– Animal removal
– Regular leaf cleaning


Barrier Servicing

Servicing checklist:

  1. Bar removal and high pressure cleaning
  2. Report details
    – Sewer condition
    – Service carried out
    – Analysis of the area surrounding the sewer
  3. The barrier is fed down the well

Legislation provides for a minimum of 1 service visit per year

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