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Poison-free control of rats and mice

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Stop rats before they can do any damage

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Wide range of receptacles in both plastic and stainless steel, and mouse and rat snap traps

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Why should you use Tec-SolutionZ?

With the new EU environmental protection rules in place, there are increased controls on the distribution of rat poison. These additional controls may mean increased costs for councils and companies. Tec-SolutionZ offers environmentally friendly rat traps which do not use poison of any kind. These traps and blocks can save councils and businesses millions while still ensuring effective pest control.

    • Mechanical air-driven traps
    • Documented results
    • Effective, poison-free control
    • Easy and simple to use
    • Durable solution which lowers operating costs
    • Environmentally friendly and humane termination

Latest news from Tec-SolutionZ

Poison free pest control

07, Mar

“Kontant: Helt til rotterne” på Danmarks Radio

Published by Tec-SolutionZ

Danmark står midt i en rotteplage.
80 procent af alle landets kommuner rapporterer om et stigende antal rotteanmeldelser, og

16, Feb

Det vrimler med rotter i Kolding

Published by Tec-SolutionZ

Totalen var sidste år på mere end 10.000 rottebesøg for Kolding Kommune, og man konstaterede skadedyr mere end

14, Feb

Scan-Kill slår til mod rotter uden brug af gift

Published by Tec-SolutionZ

Nye regler forbyder forebyggende brug af gift til rottebekæmpelse. Derfor går Scan-Kill nu aktivt ind i kampen

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